Jerusalem, the Golden 

If you want a jarring reminder of all of the ironies and cruelties and idiocies of history — and parenthetically of religion — follow this link to a 19th-century English hymn and consider how bizarre it would be to wake up in East Jerusalem on All Souls Day with it going through your mind.

That happened to me an hour ago.

This is my shortest blog post ever, I think. It has but one purpose: to suggest (request?) that my readers watch my other (older) blog for the next two weeks or so. I will be posting there on a somewhat regular basis about my travels — and my reactions to what I see — in Palestine.

I will write there this morning as soon as I figure out how to get a cup of coffee. You will find those musings at Sumnonrabidus’s Blog.

In the meantime, you can listen to a snippet of the call to prayer from yesterday at 4:30 PM as I taped it from my hotel window. And you can also marvvel that the old man has figure out how to do this on his iPad instead of his computer.