This is a light-hearted look at my experience of getting old (I’m 71). I’m a retired college professor who now tutors college athletes in English 20 hours a week, volunteers to teach a GED class at ABERG CENTER FOR LITERACY in Dallas, and tries to catch up on my sleep now and then. You can read more about me at my very serious blog, http://sumnonrabidus.wordpress.com/ and you can read about my PASSION at http://palestineinsight.net/

I will post silly stuff I find elsewhere, and I will write original stuff. I will tell stories and expound my opinions. So, welcome aboard.

6 Responses to About

  1. Teeny Bikini says:

    Thanks so much for the kind email. Cheers 🙂

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  3. Les Lampkin says:

    Hi. Only today I came across your sight. I went looking for John Wesley and epileptic who was at his service back in the 1700’s. I read with great interest your take on temporal lobe epilepsy. I didn’t go to much into your archives, but could you tell me if your an epileptic patient, and if so how long have you had your condition? After the last # of years and seizures bringing me to points I never thought imaginable, I’ve been looking for someone with similar experiences. You spoke of writing, and for someone who has never really written before I find it hard lately to stop. Thank-you and have a great day. Les

  4. Dear Harold,
    I was a fellow music major class mate of yours during your freshman and sophomore years at the University of Redlands. I played the oboe, and really enjoyed our time together with Lance Montfort Meyers. I have a few of your letters from after I transferred to USC to their music school. One is from 1966, where you say you are engaged. It was a beautiful letter – so wise!
    I got my degree in music from USC in music, but went on to do a PhD in Neuroscience and was a college professor at the U of Oregon until I retired 3 years ago. I was rereading your letter and thought of you, so typed in you name, organist and U.Redlands on the web, and up came this website. It sounds like you have had a full life. Thanks for your friendship at the U. of Redlands,
    Marjorie Hines Woollacott

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