trumpWashington, The National
By Nellie Bly, April 1, 2017

After tweeting that he did not know how complicated the job would be, President Donald Trump submitted a letter of resignation to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Tillerson immediately called Vladimir Putin to apologize and assured him that there would be no change of policy under Vice President Mike Pence..

It was not immediately clear who was stepping in to be acting President until Vice President Pence can be sworn in as President. Tillerson announced to FOX News, “I am in charge here,” but it was not certain that he has the Constitutional authority.

Trump was seen boarding a helicopter on the White House lawn at about 2AM April 1 with his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner. A second helicopter landed, and Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway boarded it together.

Rep. Paul Ryan was seen going into the fitness center in the House Office building at about 2AM and could not be reached for comment on his probable election as Vice President.

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Retired English prof, SMU. Old man. Musician. Passionate about justice, equality, freedom. Therefore, I am a fervent supporter of and advocate for the Palestinian People as they struggle to survive genocide. That also means, of course, I have no use for US 45.


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