My bucket list

My father, Glenn G. Knight, lived 1914 to 2011 (97 years).
My mother, Elizabeth May Knight, lived 1917 to 2007 (90 years)

I figure by my genetic heritage from which I have to subtract a significant amount of time because of

  • living alcoholically for about twenty years (not since 1986),
  • smoking for about twenty years (not since 1980),
  • being overweight (the struggle of my lifetime), and,
  • for my seizure disorder, taking meds strong enough to kill a horse (since 1982)

I have the possibility of living perhaps 15-20 more years.

My father’s father, Archie James Knight, lived 1885 to 1977 (92 years).
My father’s mother, Nina Huntley Knight, lived 1895 to 1973 (78 years).

My father’s paternal grandfather, James W. Knight, lived 1852-1916 (64 years).
My father’s paternal grandmother, Nancy Savage Knight, lived 1854-1926 (72 years).

My father’s maternal grandfather, Minot J. Huntley, lived 1860-1937 (77 years).
My father’s maternal grandmother, Susie L. Huntley lived 1879-1958 (79 years).

Their average lifespan was 81.4 years. If I take into account that my great-grandfather Huntley died in an automobile accident (traveling to my parents’ wedding), I assume it would be a bit higher. And as I go back through the generations and factor in my mother’s family, the average is even higher. I come from families of many octogenarians and nonagenarians.

So here’s what I want to accomplish before I die (in no particular order).

  • Do something so positive for someone that I actually change the world for the better (probably without knowing I’ve done it so my pride won’t ruin it)
  • Help to educate a couple more people about the intolerable plight of the Palestinian people
  • Have a second conversation with Jimmy Carter
  • See a full-scale volcanic eruption
  • Travel to Antarctica Travel to Easter Island
  • Attend the Vienna State Opera
  • Have a fully-engaged, emotionally satisfying marriage
  • Read the rest of Cormac McCarthy’s novels
  • Raise a whole lot of money for the Voice of Hope in Dallas
  • Travel to New Zealand
  • Spend another 4th of July on the Beach at Ipanema
  • Play the organ at St. Paul’s London
  • Finish writing and publish a novel
  • Decide what I believe about God and death
  • Figure out how to get the money to do any of these
  • Learn “in whatsoever state I am, to be content therewith”

There’s more, but this will do for starters. If I live to the average age of my paternal ancestors back only three generations, I have 13 years left. I guess the race is on.



3 Responses to My bucket list

  1. bobritzema says:

    Quite a list! The first and last ones will probably be the most difficult. As I believer in God, I do find that the consolations of belief do aid with contentment, though, paradoxically, having life go other than the way I want it to contributes quite a bit as well. After struggling for a while trying to make everything go the way I want it to, I eventually get to the point of accepting things as they are.

  2. Aha! Accepting things the way they are! By the way, your comments are always thought provoking and helpful.

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