Sighs too deep for words

On a day like today when I need comfort for reasons some of which I know but most of which I don’t know, I am grateful that I have available (with imperfections of which I ought to be embarrassed, but I am not) music that must be what the writer of the book Romans in the New Testament meant when he said,

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but that very Spirit intercedes with sighs too deep for words (Romans 8:26).

Religion confounds me these days. That anyone can believe in the Spirit is a mystery that I cannot fathom. And I don’t know how to pray, as I ought or not. But my sighs are too deep for words. Perhaps the writer of Romans knew Bach and Vivaldi.

I had planned to attend Maundy Thursday Services this evening, but I think I cannot. I will play instead.

Organ Concerto in D minor, BWV596
(Bach’s arrangement of Vivaldi’s Concerto Op.3, No.11, RV565).
Second movement, Largo e spiccato.

About Harold Knight
Retired English prof, SMU. Old man. Musician. Passionate about justice, equality, freedom. Therefore, I am a fervent supporter of and advocate for the Palestinian People as they struggle to survive genocide. That also means, of course, I have no use for US 45.

5 Responses to Sighs too deep for words

  1. E Miller says:

    I love that you now have the freedom to play when you want. You are not tied to playing on a Maundy Thursday for a congregation so can skip the services if that pleases you, as it does this year. The concerto was beautiful!

  2. Mary Kalen Romjue says:

    I wish I were sitting there and listening, just as years ago, Thinking of you.

    Mary Kalen

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  4. Mary Kalen Romjue says:

    As I listen to you play this again, I can hear your Mother’s and Father’s voices in my head. I can hear her laugh and not make fun of whatever it was said or whatever was done. The song I think I remember asking you to play was Toccata and Fugue in D minor? Right? At that time you talked a lot about E. Power Briggs, thinking him one of the best organists of the day. Hope that you have a great trip.

    I love to travel, cannot get enough of it. You will have a great adventure, memories for a lifetime. Mary Kalen

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