Of Cars, Cakes, Cumpleaños

2028 -- 28,000 miles

2028 — 28,000 miles

Fifteen years from now when my cats petition the DMV to take away my license to drive because I’m just too absent-minded to be behind the wheel, some lucky person is going to get one of those little-old-grandmother-who-drove-it-only-to-church deals on my car.

I bought my 2012 Honda Civic Coupe on December 31, 2012. In the 40 days since then, I have driven it 470 miles. It needs its second fill-up of gas this morning. At that rate, in 2028 someone can expect to buy a 2012 Honda Civic with 28,800 miles on it. My birthday—my 68th—was three days after I bought the car.

A good friend of mine was car shopping yesterday because the hybrid battery in his Prius is not long for this world. His situation is like mine in one convivial respect—his birthday was Friday (he’s a young thing, only 55). Can we extrapolate from this that buying a car is a birthday event?

Make a place for the birthday cake

Make a place for the birthday cake

In January my inamorato hosted my birthday party. (It was a gentle affair, with my closest friends surrounding me with love and jollity.) He moved his African violet collection from his dining table to the counter to make room for my birthday cake. The cake—dense, rich, and chocolate—by the way, was uncommonly special to me, a one-of-a-kind gift from another friend. `birthday fb

My car-shopping good friend’s birthday party was last night at one of his (and many of the guests’) favorite Thai restaurants. It was another warm and jolly affair in which, as he said, circles of friends from all areas of his life “collided.” The collision was wonderful.

His cake was colorful, fruity, and much healthier than mine.

`birthday alanAll of this sweetness (literal and figurative) is much more than car-buying and cake. We old guys (and our not-quite-yet-old friends) need birthday parties as much as you youngsters do. Remember, if it weren’t for us, the world would still be wearing gray flannel suits, skinny neckties, button down collars, and wing-tip shoes. We loosened up the world for you. You owe it to us to keep the party going.

Here’s where my old-man mind needs help. I want to make some clever connection between the expensive collision insurance on my new car and the “colliding” of Alan’s circles of friends. There’s a great metaphor here, but I can’t work it out. You’ll just have to write it for yourself. And keep the party going.

Birthday boy with old age in background

Birthday boy with old age in background

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Retired English prof, SMU. Old man. Musician. Passionate about justice, equality, freedom. Therefore, I am a fervent supporter of and advocate for the Palestinian People as they struggle to survive genocide. That also means, of course, I have no use for US 45.

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